Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GULP Alert: Ole running priest thinks he can escape the GULP!

Oh yeah, you think so?

Look at the time stamp.

It is very recent!

This priest thinks he can escape the eyes of the GULP!

And mind you, the photo was taken stealthily!  And it was taken by a lay person.

Which meanss!!!!

That the lay people are sick and tired of priests dressing up for Holy Mass as if they were going on a Fun Run!

You think this same priest would dress up this way if he were invited to the Academy Awards or even to a graduation ceremony of a community high school or college?

No sireee!

But he would definitely dress disrespectfully and sloppily because...hey!

It's just the Holy Mass!

What a way to celebrate the Year of Faith, by being...faithless!

PS:  This was taken from the Tahanan ng Mabuting Pastol

Salakot tip to the GULP who gave this photo.  ;)

1 comment:

  1. This one looks like a rag.

    They expect people to look very formal and dignified whent going to Mass, and yet they themselves don't even find the time to vest properly.