Wednesday, April 3, 2013

GULP Alert: Cruella De Vil's dream come true!

Thanks to a TPC reader and a member of God's Undercover Liturgical Police...aka GULP!


If you haven't seen 101 Dalmatians.....well, poor you.

You don't know what I meant by that title.

But the DALMATIAN thing should ring a bell to you!


It's hard to see what those dots or "things" in the chasuble are.  But after the bishop had the deacons stand near him, it made the chasuble even more looking hideous than ever.  The deacon's dalmatics are more dignified and fitting for the occasion, eh, don't you think?



Back to the Liturgical Fashion Police Report!!!

Seriously.  Was there even a slight hint of consideration for liturgical art in this design?




PS:  Bad looking vestments are not liturgical abuse.  They are just that.  BAD....UGLY....Brrrrr!!!!


  1. i never saw Cruella. What I see is a walking fly paper.

  2. when was this taken? i have seen that two years ago during the chrism mass celebrated by bishop oliveros at the malolos cathedral

  3. Looks like that deacon covering his mouth with his fist is like trying not to laugh to the Bishop's Dalmatian Chasuble...

  4. I suggest that liturgists and clergy should be more conscious in choosing the right vestment designs that they are wearing and the fabrics used (never choose vestments made of cheap curtain material), whether it is simple or elaborately done. Nowadays, there are so many vestments makers, they are sprouting like mushrooms but not everyone knows their liturgy. Most of them are knowledgeable only on cutting, sewing, drawing, and copying from imported catalogues without the true knowledge of liturgy and its norms.

    Poor Bishop, maybe the vestments he wore are gifts from benefactors who knows nothing about liturgy. On the side of the maker, maybe he wanted to be different in making peculiar vestments but instead it turned out to be liturgical horrors. The materials chosen in the picture are some of those cheap thrills fabrics good for curtains in the low-cost housing projects.

    Well, it all depends on the taste of the priest and the taste of the vestment makers. One great example is the "Dalmatian" chasuble which is categorized as very poor taste of the vestments maker... CHEAP!!!