Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The remains of St. Vincent de Paul

When his remains were exhumed for the first time in 1712, his body was found intact.

This exhumation was done in 1960, only his skeleton was left, the decomposition blamed on an underground flooding.  The 1737 exhumation for his canonization already found his body in this state.

The photo above was during the removal of the bones for "re-arranging" in time for the saint's 300th death anniversary.

His bones are now encased in a wax figure.

His heart, though, remains incorrupt...the heart of the Great Apostle of Charity, in a side altar in the Apparition Chapel in Rue du Bac, where the Virgin Mother revealed the Miraculous Medal to St. Vincent's daughter, St. Catherine Laboure.

PS:  one of his sons was the architect of the liturgical revolution...

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