Monday, March 25, 2013

The meeting of the two popes...

I thought I'd never see this sight...

I'd thought it would only be good for a Hollywood script until I saw it on the news last night...

You can see in the video that the Pope Emeritus is wearing his cardinatial ring.

It would have been a lovely sight to see if Benedict kissed the ring of the current Holy Father.

The altar cross is also veiled as it should be, in the Castelgandolfo chapel.  Notice that there is no free-standing altar in the chapel, meaning Mass is celebrated in the altar ad Deum.

In the table where the two popes are meeting you can see a pile of paper on the table.

Could this be the dossier prepared by the commission of cardinals?

Benedict XVI is very weak as you can see.  He had a hard time walking and Papa Francesco had to help him.

Here is the same video from Rome Reports:

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