Saturday, March 9, 2013

Former Papal MC talking to Cardinal Tagle

Marini:  If you get elected, will you bring me back as Papal MC?  I promise you.  There'll be lots of liturgical dance!

Tagle:  If???


  1. IF Tagle will became the Pope I don't know what will happen to the Catholic's Sacred liturgy... We might see the cross placed at the SIDE rather and at the CENTER. And candles ON THE FLOOR. And worst Lots and Lots of Liturgical abuses...

  2. I don't understand why the Philippine media and some Filipinos here and abroad are pushing Cardinal Tagle for the papacy. They wanted to see a Filipino pope. Anong akala nila sa conclave - contest ng mga lahi? My goodness!!! this is not all about PINOY PRIDE, KAPAKANAN ng mga Catholics sa buong mundo ang nakasasalay dito, hindi lang kapakanan ng mga Katolikong Pinoy. Ang ibang pinoy kasi mahilig "magbuhat ng sariling bangko". Hindi ito "pasikatan" ng lahi and besides, a CONCLAVE is very SACRED. Sabi ng iba, Cardinal Tagle is a very good speaker, eloquent, kind-hearted, etc. I don't know him personally, but you can't just say that a Cardinal is Pope material just because he's eloquent and kindhearted. Iba kasi yung salita sa gawa. MOSES was not a good speaker, but God chose him to be the leader of Israelites. Being a pope is "MORE THAN JUST WHAT IS SEEN ON THE OUTSIDE". If I'm not mistaken, Pope John Paul II WAS NOT a Papabili during the October 1978 conclave, HINDI SYA SIKAT, and he even comes from Poland, a communist country. He was even described as "just another cardinal preparing to elect a new pontiff." But look what happen, he was the CHOSEN ONE.

    Sorry sa mga fans ni Cardinal Tagle, I have nothing against him. But instead of praying for Tagle to become Pope, Let's pray for the WILL of God to prevail for the good of all CATHOLICS worldwide.