Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cardinal Tagle and the mainstream media

The bishop's staff is inspired by the shepherd's staff.
And it actually means a lot.
It is not a mere decorative walking stick.

Add to that most people in social networking sites.


Some guys really don't know and see how Cardinal Tagle works as a Metropolitan Archbishop.

Well, come to think of it...  What is there to see?

...well, other than his public speeches and TV shows?


In this time when the Barque of Peter is being tossed heavily by the rough waters and strong winds, we need a captain who will steer the ship, who'll ACTUALLY hold the steering wheel, and not just SAY the orders.

When the ship is sailing on rough waters, the captain is behind the wheel, not sitting on his chair, shouting out orders.

Just saying.

I know the guy.

He loves to talk in conferences, seminars, retreats, teach and write...

PLEASE!!! Give it to him.

Being a metropolitan archbishop is not his forte.  He just took it...out of obedience because quite frankly he is simple and humble.  But not fit for the job.

If an elderly pope can admit it, why can't he?

Expect this kind of questioning to pop up to those who stick to their jobs as if it were their birth right, as if they were indispensable, as if they still think they are doing a good job.

LET THE COMMENTING............Begin!

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