Thursday, February 14, 2013

The last public Mass of Pope Benedict XVI

Grab a tissue!

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  1. My friends and people around me all keep freaking out about his resignation. People think that it leaves the Church vulnerable and that we'll be scrambling and struggling to find a new pope. But we have protocols in place, protocols that have ensured the continued line of Successors of St. Peter for over 2000 years. So I tell them not to worry, we won't be left in turmoil. But that's not entirely true. For me, at least, it somehow hurts spiritually to see him leave. I am Blessed Pope John Paul II's biggest fan. But it was under Pope Benedict XVI that I truly began to appreciate my faith for what it really is. I discovered the Latin Mass, Lectio Divina, and so many other things largely because of him. So I will be eternally grateful to him, not only for what he has done for Holy Mother Church, but for what he has done for me, personally.

    His papacy has not been an easy one, the world knows that. But I think he has dealt with it as best as any one man could. I completely respect and honor his decision, and our Church will continue on. But, somehow, it still hurts.

    May God forever bless and keep Pope Benedict XVI, Servant of the Servants of God. May his successor be truly worthy of the same title.