Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Inclusivity of Vatican II

It is not the fault of Vatican II.  It is the fault of those who hijack the teachings of Vatican II and contort it to suit their own agenda, liberal or ultra-sedevacantist traditionalist alike.

But this Meme says it all.

Being open to a lot of NEW things, in the SPIRIT OF VATICAN II, which we heard and read a lot from the teachings of the late Fr. Chupungco...EXCEPT...

That which belongs to the sacred patrimony of our Holy Church!

Gregorian chant...

Both of which were not prohibited by the Second Vatican Council....BUT!

Which, in the name of the zombie named INCULTURATION, these two are set aside because obviously, DUH!, Latin and Gregorian Chant, are not part of the culture of the WHOLE WORLD!!!

...depending on how you look at things culturally...

especially if you look at it with the 1960s as your reference point in human history.

This is true in the parish level, especially for "professional liturgists", those who have attended a seminar or two in San Carlos or Guadalupe, or have taken academic studies in MST, LST, San Beda and PIL in Bukidnon, who define what they want you to know as the "real" liturgy.

There is a saying "Keep repeating a lie, it will become the truth." or something like that.

These Worship Ministers will have ANYTHING but the traditional!  They will obscure everything that is in the liturgical books!  They will pounce on you when you question their decisions on the Mass, and be blunt to tell you that "I have studied and I know....You don't!"

What they would hate is for your to tell them what is in the liturgical books and which is not.

What Fr. Chupungco left as a horrible legacy, may God grant Him rest, is that the liturgy is "dynamic" but his approach is in a disastrous way in that the dynamism is more homocentric rather than Christocentric.  Even though he wrote in his liturgical memoir that the liturgy should help us focus our attention and lead us to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest, the highly subjective refereeing of what happens in the Mass that depends on the whims and caprices of the priest of "Worship Minister", and not according to the liturgical books of the Church, then we defeat the purpose of leading man to God and God to man!

If indeed Vatican II "opened its doors", if Vatican II is about being an "inclusive Church" then pray tell...



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