Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Team Patay poster: Affected ka Joel?

Before the elections, pro-RH supporters and lawmakers kept on insisting that there is no such things as a Catholic vote.  Then why oh why is the government now bothered by this campaign against the pro-RH lawmakers and open endorsement for pro-life lawmakers???

Separation of Church and State my foot!  Then sue us!  Bah-humbug!

And now lo and behold, the Jesuit priest who craves the attention like his constitutionalist brother Joaqui Bernas, is trying to hug the limelight by saying that the RH does not violate a Catholic's conscience.  But what is so obvious is that this supposedly learned man does not acknowledge the fact that a Catholic is being forced to use artificial contraception which violates the teachings of the Church!

What is so obvious with these pro-RH people is they made fun of the influence of the Catholic Church in this country that they kept on flaunting the results of the SWS survey that says majority are in favor of the RH Bill and that the influence of the Catholic Church among her flock is waning.

If that be the case, what are you afraid of?

If Tabora is Catholic and obedient to the Church, why does he keep on yakking his head off in support of the RH group and in public dissent to Church teaching?

And why is the CBCP or the Archbishop of Davao not doing anything about him?

"Oh, TPC, he talked to him in public."  Yeah, yeah, like I never heard that before.

Like what Bishop Ongtioco did to Fr. Bernas?  The talk was secret but what Bernas and Tabora have written is being copied and pasted over and over and over again by Catholics and non-Catholics who publicly oppose and ridicule the Church, her teachings and her clergy.

Sometimes, you wish you could just pick up the shepherd's staff and whack the heads of wayward sheep yourself, no?

But I am no bishop.  And I trust the Holy Spirit will make them answer for due time.


  1. I could not help but comment on his blog. As usual his retort was to appeal to conscience because the Church is not infallible. As a priest he should know the difference between infallibility in faith and morals vs mistakes made in matters NOT of faith and morals. He never bothered to answer the points I raised as I quoted the scriptures and Church fathers and more. And that Jim Paredes - saying "no one is infallible" yet we are expected to take their word for it as if they are.

    1. First of all Jim Paredes is suffering mentally because of his sorry career and he is into paganism now. Second he is the product of the modernism Jesuit education of the 70s. Third Tabora is attention hungry. Fourth, Tabora and other dissidents will publicly do this because our bishops are not doing anything against these dissenters.

  2. Unfortunately, it seems this is now backfiring on the Diocese of Bacolod with the coming out of a list of Catholic clergy who have allegedly sired children. It doesn't help either when one reads the comments about the news of "Team Tatay" and read that there is little sympathy for the Catholic Church now even among Filipino Catholics: for the news and the comments.

    1. Rodian, have you tried reading comments about news about the Catholic Church in any mainstream media. Whether the news be good or bad, it is always flooded by trolls who are left behind by uncaring parents in front of the computer. Those are the persons behind those comments. Don't use them as a gauge for how "famous" the Church still is.