Monday, February 11, 2013

Another wonderful blog from a priest

Please read the blog of Fr. Robert Zarate. Beautiful reflection about PORMA priests.

Remember my posts about NARCISSIST PRIESTS???

The guy who loves taking pictures of his vacations? Or the priest who spends more time telling jokes in his homilies? or the one who tries hard to modulate his voice and have liturgical dancers for his Mass at SM?

Yup. PORMA lang!

Compare and contrast their "working clothes".

Here are photos of the priest and his friends...

Fr. Zarate, our blogger priest...

And our other fave priest...

What the????  Is that the waiter???  Even for a waiter, he dresses lousily!

And even for a priest?!  A disaster!

Here is a killer quote from Fr. Zarate:
It is hard when you have already crossed the line of being “like one of the rest”. It is hard to come back to the very ideals you held dear in the very first days of seminary or in the very first years wearing the Cassock or the Roman Collar. Sometimes, I feel like removing this white thing in front of my neck when I am in a public transportation. Sometimes, I feel lazy wearing the cassock. But I have to fight it, in God’s grace. Usual Catholics may say, “Then, don’t wear it. Lots of priests don’t wear it anyway.” Yet, it’s like telling a policeman not to wear his uniform, or a married person not to wear his/her wedding ring. Ah yes... I did not become a priest to become an “undercover” witness of the Gospel. I belong to the more obvious category. In some way, I do not need to open my mouth to tell people that I am a “Man of God”. Rather than be “like the rest of the guys”, rather than do things that even the usual men down the streets can do even in their sleep, if a priest just stays on BEING A PRIEST... he does not need to do any PORMA at all!

BOOM! for the KSP priests!

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