Saturday, February 23, 2013

After the resignation, Benedict shall be known as...

Don't tell I did not tell you so.  Bishop Emeritus of Rome.

But with his regnal name, good thing the Vatican chose to keep it even though I thought he would be referred to as Bishop Joseph Ratzinger...BUT!

Since he will be the Bishop Emeritus of Rome, and the tradition is for the Rome Bishop to change his name upon election, then it makes sense that he retains his name.

Cardinal Ratzinger....ha!


  1. I wonder what Bishop Emeritus means.

    Whatever, let's all trust that all these are for the good of the Church.

    1. Emeritus simply means retired. Since the Pontiff is also the Bishop of Rome, it seems fitting to follow the same standard as with all other bishops. It's also my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong), but the Bishop of Rome has always been Pope as well, so Bishop Emeritus of Rome would indicated that he was also pope.

    2. Ok, I was just reading multiple news articles and they are all stating that the Vatican has said the Holy Father will be known as Pope Emeritus or Roman Pontiff Emeritus.

      There's conflicting reports. Which one's true?