Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scammers will just go and....SCAM

MANILA, Jan. 16, 2013— The Catholic Church’s social action arm is warning the public of a scam in the name of Caritas Philippines.

So far, one complainant has come into the Church agency from Masambong High School in Quezon City.

In the said case, a person identified as certain Cecille Villanueva claimed to be collecting cash for a supposed housing project for teachers and other charity works.

The suspect was also able to get donations from two other schools: Roxas High School and San Bartolomeo High School – both in Quezon City.

We have no such employee as Cecille Villanueva and that she is not at all connected with Caritas Philippines,” said Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Caritas Philippines national director.

“Therefore, we are warning you to refuse any such solicitations she is doing in behalf of our good name, for your own safety and protection,” he said.

Pabillo reminded the public that anyone who is legitimately collecting donations for a charity will have proper identification.

‘If ever our good office makes appeals and solicitations for our programs and emergency response, it is duly signed by the National Director and / or the Executive Secretary of our organization,” he said. (CBCPNews)


Just like thoes fake priests, better ask for an ID. Take their pictures. Most cellphones now have a camera, right? Call their office / diocese if you are still doubtful.

On a related note, shall we do this to fake seminarians and run-away altar servers?


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