Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carlos Celdran is going to jail

Such a beautiful morning! One less scum bag roaming the streets of Manila, even for just a few months. Hope Celdran gets more than 2 months.

 Here's to you Ate! I am sure your new cell mates are DYING to be with you.

You love "entertaining" people, right?

You love making them "happy" right?

You love giving away "free condoms" right?

Manila City Jail! Give a warm welcome to CARLOS CELDRAN!


  1. The BCJ and the SS Sputnik are just happy to receive this prick.

  2. In an interview in GMA News TV, Celdran said "Sakripisyo" daw ang makulong at hindi parusa.

  3. here's what anthony taberna said on punto por punto:

    glad that in this instance (not counting the "RH na kailangan ng bayan" bit) he is on the side of defending religious rights.