Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another radical theologian dies...

From Zenit.


Father Tissa Balasuriya, the controversial theologian who was excommunicated and later reconciled with the Church, died in Sri Lanka on January 17 after a long illness at the age of 88.

Father Balasuriya, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate who was known for his inter-religious activities, came into conflict with the Church officials with the publication of his book, Mary and Human Liberation in 1990. In 1994 the bishops of Sri Lanka issued a warning against the book, and that same year the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) asked Father Balasuriya to retract certain arguments that he advanced in the book. He declined.

Questioning Father Balasuriya’s statements on doctrinal issues that included Original Sin, the Immaculate Conception, and the irreplaceable role of Jesus in the work of salvation, the CDF then asked the Sri Lankan theologian to sign a statement of faith. Again he declined, and after issuing a warning the CDF formally announced his excommunication in January 1997. Father Balasuriya eventually agreed to sign a statement of faith, [more of a move to survive rather than be sorry, IMHO.]  and his excommunication was lifted in January 1998.


Just how truthful was Fr. Balasuriya with his declaration of faith?

Well, just look here.

Here is the caption to that photo:

On Wednesday November 22nd  the college was privileged to have a visit from the eminent Sri Lankan theologian, Fr. Tissa Balasuriya OMI.  As well as meeting and challenging the students, Fr. Tissa gave a lecture on the philosophy of "God is Love", including issues arising from the Pope's recent lecture on relationships with other faiths, notably those with the Islamic faith. In the evening he celebrated the Eucharist with Rosemary.  This was a most unusual event, a Roman Catholic celebrating with a Protestant and a woman.
FYI, that is a Methodist "priestess", missionaries in Sri Lanka.

As far as I could remember, doing this meant an automatic excommunication for the man.  Well, I guess Fr. Balasuriya doesn't believe that too.

I hope he seriously repented all of these wrongs he did before he died.

He cause too much confusion in the Church like what the late Fr. Chupungco did, but quite frankly not as troubling as Fr. Balasuriya.

As Fr. Z put it, "the biological solution is working...on ALL of us."

Tempus fugit! Memento mori!

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