Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We need more of this Jesuit

No, not this joker.

Especially after he finally admitted his support for the RH Bill, all masked under the pretenses of respect of each individual's right to choose.

Yeah, he defends an individual's right to choose as if it were Bible truth.  And did I say he is a stauch defender of the Constitution?

Well, how about him being a staunch defender of the Catholic faith, more particularly about Paul Vi's ordinary magisterial teaching about artificial contraception?

Yeah, he questions the infallibility of that one.

Well, when it comes to civil law, it is hook line and sinker for this one.  For Church law, he asks if its infallible.

Well, Duh! far as I can hear from the grapevine Mr. Constitutionalist was wondering why the religious brother from the Green University got a cabinet post while he is still stuck as emeritus at the Blue University.

Biological Solution soon!

This one I mean!

Knows who he is in the eyes of the Church and of the people.

Yup, that is Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ, one of the few Jesuits I admire like how I look up to other great Jesuits, like this one.

Nice eh?

The first one who I call Mr. Constitutionalist and who I know call Wacky Berns, does everything contrary to what his Society stands for, what St. Ignatius meant it to be.


I think they completely changed it.

Let us pray for the the Jesuits that they put to heart their fourth vow and be imitators of their revered founder.

Yeah, the prayer is for Mr. Constitutionalist.


  1. Those assisting Fr. Ofrasio with his cope are also Jesuits (Sch. Ricky Flores SJ and Bro. Eric Esteba SJ). Hopefully they do follow in Fr. Ofrasio's footsteps.