Monday, December 17, 2012

Take my word for it

If RH becomes a law, I will be the first one to rebel against it.

I am more than willing to go to jail than implement it in my own company.

I will not use my own hard-earned money to finance the contraceptives of my employees!

Mark my word for it!

If you see me get sued in court, that is the proud moment I declare to the whole world that "I AM THE PINOY CATHOLIC"

Then Carlos Celdran can have a heyday

And I expect public dissenters can go party all night long like this lunatic.

She denied that God exists and has lambasted the Catholic Church for Her teaching about contraception saying the Pope did not say anything against it, conveniently forgetting, as she was taught by Maryhill School of Theology, that contraception is not taught by the Church as an evil and a sin.

Prepare for more Church bashing!

Now we will all know how it feels how it was in the days of the early Christians.

More persecutions ahead.

No, we won't be fed to the lions nor burned alive.

WE will continually be humiliated for BEING CATHOLIC.

PS: Bishop Ongtioco, Miriam Santiago lives in your diocese. Honestly, I do not expect you to do anything against her. I know you spend more time proving that you can be the next archbishop of San Fernando, Pampanga. Come to think of it, you may become one because quite frankly, incompetents get promoted.

Maybe you need a weekly TV program too.


  1. What's next, divorce bill? My goodness! Grabe na to! Pasalamat yang si Carlos Celdran na yan, na noong nag sex nanay at tatay niya, hindi nag condom tatay niya at hindi naman nag pills nanay nya, otherwise wala sana yang pagmumukha nya ngayon. Hindi lang si Celdran, pati na rin yung isang senadora na ubod ng sungit at palaging mainit ang ulo. Pasalamat siya, pinalabas pa siya sa mundong ito, kahit galit siya sa mundo.

  2. TOLD YOU BRENDA IS A CLOSET ATHEIST! Well,well,we will NOT Move an Inch! Glory to God!!!

  3. We were asked by this Senator to support her in this bill (RH), us, who were students of MST.

    But for LOVE of the Sacredness of Life and the Church, WE DIDN'T.

    Yes, i am studying in MST and i'm proud to say that I am pro Traditio Catolice. My batch loves to attend the Latin Mass Rite and we were gradually persuading, gaining interesting students to support us in bringing back the True and rich Catholic Tradition into MST despite of many unhelpful criticism from professors and some students.

    We were present at the Batasan, and thanks for posting the photo in this link

    They are my schoolmates and batchmates in MST. (if you want proof, i'll gladly give their profile links.)

    Info # 2

    Such senator NEVER earned any Masters in Theological Studies in MST, for the simple reason that she didn't nor made a thesis at all.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen us in our mission to restore the Very identity of us Catholics.

    Benedicamvs Domino aeternum!