Monday, December 17, 2012

Someone is missing in this picture!

Cardinal Tagle planned to say Mass in Malacanang on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, right on the day when Catholic Filipinos were marching towards Batasan to pray for the death of the RH Bill.

Instead, he chose to come out with a "double speak" pronouncement against the RH Bill and stayed at Makati to watch how things went on in Batasan.

He was approached several times by pro-lifers, lay and politicians alike to come to Batasan or the Senate, but he did not budge an inch.

Tell me, what is the color of the cardinatial robes mean now that he cannot even fight boldly against that which the Catholic Church is fighting for all throughout Her existence?

What is the use of constant double speak in his talks when it always falls on deaf ears?  What has he been doing?  It's nothing but talk, talk, talk, talk....

Cardinal Tagle isn't doing anything concrete against RH.

If Cardinal Sin were alive, he would talk straight like what he did against Marcos and Estrada even naming them specifically in his pastoral letters and sermons. Not Cardinal Tagle who was all double speak in his messages and homilies, typical Jesuits psywar.

If Cardinal Sin were alive, he'd go to Edsa like what he did that precipitated Edsa 2.

Cardinal Tagle preferred to watch everything on TV and be holed in a place in Makati.

Great leaders walk the talk! They just don't talk and talk and talk....on TV!

Right Cardinal Tagle?

Stop being handled by JesCom!


  1. I sympathize with you, just by reading your article. It now made me think that I would rather have Bishop Williamson as Cardinal marching against the the RH, than some Vatican II goody, goody, "I disagree with you but sorry to offend you, I'll just pray and watch" type. The Church is only reaping what she herself has sown.

  2. TPC medyo offtopic but would you know if Cardinal Sin knows how to offer the sacrifice of the mass in the extra-ordinary form?

    1. Yes he does. But he worked vigorously to stomp it in RCAM.

  3. Interesting.. Any idea why did he do that? I mean he already have the skills but why did he stop it?