Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RH Bill is precursor to many more EVIL LAWS



Four months ago, a Catholic Church official explained to me why the Church was fighting tooth and nail against the passage of a Reproductive Health Law even though it would force no one to use contraceptives and would simply inform and give couples free choice of family planning methods.

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines secretary general Joselito Asis said: "If the RH bill becomes law, the D.E.A.T.H.S bills will follow next – Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, Total Reproductive Health, Homosexuality or gay marriages, and Sex education."  [The sex education that Western countries have is NOT for a pro-family country like the Philippines.  Their typical sex education is the one you'll find in men's and women's magazine.]

The prelate [?  It is Msgr. Asis.] pointed out that in fact a divorce bill is now pending in the House. But he did not explain what “Total Reproductive Health” meant; or why enactment of the “D.E.A.T.H.S. bills would follow next; or why sex education was bad.  [Hello?!  Look at the West!]

If enacted, the Reproductive Health Law – that is now pending in Congress – aims to provide free information and health care services to Filipinos to enable them to plan their families to the size they want. [Huh?  The DOH is doing that already!] There is no compulsion for anyone to use artificial birth control; [Huh?  But the government is compelled to spend P13B annually to purchase contraceptives!] no limits to the number of children a family can have; and no mandated population targets.  [Huh?  Then why is Cong. Edcel Lagayman always blocking all means to take out any reference about RH being a population control measure?  The reporter is injecting her own ideas into the report.  This is what the likes of Lagayman have been LYING about for months!]

The law will, for the first time, enable the state to provide free health care services and information on how to plan according to the number of children couples want. Unlike in China, the law does not dictate the size of the family and does not set a population target. It also reiterates the ban against abortion.  [Have you seen the DOH budget for family planning services?  P500M annually!  THIS REPORT IS A BUNCH OF LIES!]

A senior government official separately told me that no less than the Vatican has hit the panic button on the RH issue. [Huh?  Let me guess.  That senior government official is a member of communist Church-hating AKBAYAN.] The Philippines is the only predominantly Catholic country today without a divorce law. It is one of the few such countries without any law institutionalizing free distribution of condoms and other contraceptives by the state to those who want them.


Old wash-out has-been singer Jim Paredes once wrote that the Anti-RH group is well funded.

If the pro-life movement is well-funded then pray tell, why can't we even FUND the media?

I guess not being on the spotlight anymore makes you nutty.

The writer spent most of her time injecting her own thoughts and opinion rather than presenting just the interview.

Excellent journalism there folks.  Hey, no wonder!  It's pro-RH paid hack Raissa Robles who wrote this!

Yeah, I am being sarcastic.

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