Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the night of December 12, 2012

When Congress voted to pass on second reading the RH bil....

Most of our bishops were at the Batasan doing this...

While our media darling, new cardinal was doing this.

Yeah.  NO joke,.

He found time to do this.  Read more about this here.

But not to fight RH in Batasan.

To his horde of mad fans, they say his words are enough.

But the bishops who were at the Batasan also did that.  They spoke against RH and they were with the faithful Catholics who were there at the Batasan.

Simple.  Shepherd leading his flock.

What was he singing?

"Bah bah black sheep...."


    THIS!!! argh!

  2. You are probably one of the very few people I know on the internet who almost personally dislikes and opposes Tagle. The rest would be the anti-Catholics who bash every Catholic related news over the Philippine Daily Inquirer. That said, you have a valid point: the Cardinal could have been more vocal and upfront about his opposition on the now RH law. Instead, ever the diplomat, he preferred to be in between the issue, the referee, which could have struck you as him silently supporting the law.

    But you'd be surprised at how many, especially those I know of, non-Catholics and those whose faith in the Catholic Church have lukewarmed find his approach really refreshing and were impressed. Doesn't that, in a way, make you and I proud to be a Catholic? Our bishops always get bashed of being Padre Damasos and "sawsaweros" in the issues of politics. Nothing bad with that, but sometimes they resort to lowly name-calling and arrogant condemnation and judgement of those who disagree with them as "devils" and surely "going to hell," forgetting the rule of Christ: Love your enemies. With Tagle, even the usual anti-Catholics over the crass PDI comments have to stop and ponder. One comment said "just when i thought I was done with the Church, finally a hope for the Catholics." But an observation of one unbeliever struck me the most which said the following: "I think Bishop Cruz is not a Catholic. He is only a Roman. On the other hand, Cardinal Tagle, although a Roman Catholic, speaks more like a Christian. He must be a good man who chose to be a priest."

    After an era of Church leaders joining rallies and revolutions in the footsteps of Cardinal Sin, it is indeed refreshing to see a Church leader who prefer to be a voice who tries to heal the division, somebody who peaceably disagrees. Somebody on the Philippine Star put it aptly: Like teachers, we may not always agree with their opinions but the good ones always succeed in at least making us listen to their perspective. The best ones, like Tagle, have the power to unclench our tightly held biases, not by sheer force or scathing remarks, but with sublime wisdom capable of softening the most hardened of hearts. After all, a hardened and disillusioned people will not rediscover hope through coercion and stubbornness but with openness, tolerance, and understanding.

    And oh, for what its worth, back in 2010 or early 2011, I remember (and I regret not attending any) that Tagle used to hold several open public RH Bill forums, discussions and debates in Imus, when he was still the bishop.
    He was really anti-RH, in case you still have doubts. PAX CHRISTI

  3. Maybe those who admire him are the cafeteria Catholics, but it's just my opinion.

    I don't have doubts whether or not he is pro- or anti-RH. I doubt his sincerity. PERIOD.