Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ms. Universe 2012!!!

Candidate number 1 is.........


This is a church!!!!!!!!!!!

And some said, it is the former cathedral of the new cardinal!

What happened here?!?!

PS:  The Virgin Mary will always be the eternal Beauty Queen.  But that does not mean we'll have a sanctuary looking like this.  What's that thing at the back of Our lady's statue?!?!


  1. grabe masyado na talagang nwala ung beauty of solemnity prang my awarding night tuloy ung kinalabasan khit kokoronahan ung berhen di nman dapat yan maling mali talaga eh

  2. grabe masyado na talagang nwala ung beauty of solemnity prang my awarding night tuloy ung kinalabasan khit kokoronahan ung berhen di nman dapat yan maling mali talaga eh

  3. With all due respect sir, I cannot let this criticism pass because it concerns my beloved cathedral.

    I hope, sometimes, we are not immediately too condemning and judgmental of the pictures and the videos we see. Afterall, photos and videos are completely NOTHING compared to being the one actually out there on the place, walking its floors and feeling its cracks, soaking up the sights and adornments and drinking up the ambience. And sometimes, before making a hasty offhand remark, let us pause first and ask ourselves, "Baka naman may importanteng rason kung bakit ganoon ang disenyo ng simbahang iyon."

    First of all, the stairs are built just three weeks ago in anticipation of the two major events transpiring on the Catholic Church of Cavite, events which have now ended and are now written forever in the pages of Cavite history. Let me clarify, being the one who frequents the said Church, that in NO WAY does the stairs look like a beauty pageant catwalk IN REAL LIFE. It is rather designed steeply, with its steps kind of narrow, much like the proverbial stairway to heaven.

    And in case you did not know, the Nuestra Señora del Pilar, or our "Nana Pilar," was adorned as such, stairs including, simply because she was then going to be canonically crowned by the new Cardinal, no less. Last December 3, the Cardinal and parish priests ascended the stairs to crown the baby Jesus and Mary, therefore declaring her as the Queen and Patroness of Cavite. The Cardinal then recited a long Tagalog exhortation poem (Luwa) to Nana Pilar that he wrote himself when he was still the Bishop of Imus. And yes, the event was very solemn and sacred, afterall in Imus, masses (even then) are at its most solemn when Chito takes hold of the mic; when he talks everybody just shuts up and listens like meek sheep.

    It was a double day of local pride, holiness and thanksgiving for us Imuseños, because the Lady most beloved was given the honor she deserves, and because her very own son, who just recently became a Cardinal, was coming back to his hometown to personally thank the people of Imus, and most especially, Nana Pilar.

    I do not know why I am telling you this, but maybe because I was a bit hurt that you took offense on the design that was done out of nothing but pure love of my kababayans to the sweet Patroness of Imus. In the eyes of those who do not know and do not bother to understand it is meaningless, but in the perspective of those who care, the design radiates love. I hope you understand. Thank you and Pax Christi.

    1. I understand the emotions behind this. But we should remember that emotions are not the driving factor for designing church architecture. This one here is rather tacky. Look at the presider's chair! Ugh.

  4. Parang sa set ng Dancing with the Stars. LOL!

  5. isn't the presider's chair the Cathera of the Bishop of Imus? Normally it is really covered when not used right? Nothing tacky with it.

    Given the size of the sanctuary I think the stairs leading up to Our Lady is acceptable since you cannot make it a just a straight staircase since it would be too steep.

    1. Well, the cathedra does not look like a cathedra and the altar of the Blessed Virgin, read it from my post.

    2. Pardon for the late reply. Eh, I don't know but I believe the Cathedra is covered and wrapped in yellow clothing because the Cathedral is sede vacante. When the Cathedral still had a bishop I do not recall it being covered ever.

      And TPC, trust me the architecture does not look tacky in real life, maybe something like this but fine, to each his own and I respect that. :)


  6. This is far more better than that, I suppose. I hope they restore it someday