Thursday, December 6, 2012

More about the RH shenanigans at Congress

From Congress, Dec.4,2012

We started the day with hopes that more pro-life congressmen will show up to lessen the 7 vote margin of the other side. We soon learned that "suspending the session" yesterday was a ploy so that no journals and no written records of how the voting went the day before would be available to the lawmakers. The ante deluvian thumbs up or down for ayes and nayes are very difficult to track and record since the pro RH-Anti Life Congressmen's thumbs up or down are not in view for people to see.  Even some Congressmen doubted the authenticity of the counting of votes.  Amendments regarding non violation of religious tenets and on the beginning of life were nominally voted upon which Pro RH and anti life congressmen used as a forum to insult the Church. Slowly we saw the prolife base eroded. The voting on beginning of life was the last straw. The count for the quorum was the minimum 146 required but when the count showed 57 ayes and 81 nayes Cong Magsaysay stood up to question the quorum. Then Cong. Janey Garin [paid for by the Devil!] as Maj Floor leader suspended the session and at the same time Cong Socrates moved for adjournment. Dep Speaker Tanada was so confused he could not make a ruling and eventually left the podium. Some 400 strong prolifers under the leadership of Bishop Gabby Reyes did not want to leave for fear that the Speaker with his minions could just come back to resume the session and approve the bill to law. It was a stand off!!! We didn't go until Cong Rufus Rodriguez verified that the Speaker and his minions had gone home. Congress is cheating and we are all a witness to that. IS THIS DAANG MATUWID??? We call on all to be vigilant. Congress is cheating the Filipino Nation. Please go to Congress and witness for yourself.Witness also theRepresentatives of our people who with their twisted minds attacks our Faith and morals with their hair raising and nauseating words.


Last report I read was that D-Day is on December 12.

Don't you find it weird that this Machiavellian scheme is not even being covered by the media, live?

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