Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dissenting nun must be shown her proper place!

Yes, that is the arrogant declaration of a pro-RH Maryknoll Nun named "Sr" Nenita Tapia of Miriam College, who is happily angry at the Catholic Church.

Look at her!

Here's how she puts it:

She believes the RH Bill provides free access to reproductive health services
-  But she wittingly dodged the issue that this involves artificial birth control methods!  When you talk to angry nuns like these the next question you get is "But the Philippines is not entirely Catholic!"  Yes, but are you still one?  What this so-called advocated think is that they forget that they are Catholics and possess a title "Sr." and "MM" for Maryknoll Missionary that not all Catholics possess.  She causes grave scandal for someone of her identity and stature to publicly albeit implicitly declare her support for artificial birth control methods.

She believes that RH is for the poor.
- What a way to single out the poor, no?  Admitting that the poor need RH simply means that a.) the government admitted how incompetent it is and b.) the poor are helpless to educate so they need artificial contraception or they keep multiplying!  Wow!  For a nun like you, that is unbelievable.  Fortunately, there are Catholic institutions and nuns to be exact who work to educate the poor on how to plan their families without using artificial contraception.  They EDUCATE because they see hope in people, including poor people.  They do not find the easy way out just like this dissident nun!  Ever heard of the late great pro-life champ, Sr. Pilar Versoza?

She is a Roman Catholic nun who believes in the primacy of conscience that transcends all religions.
- Yeah, she is a Roman Catholic......MY FOOT!  Conscience takes its primacy only and only if that conscience is well informed, educated and formed!  Her conscience is a biased one, filthied by her angry feminist views!  Catholic teaching states that artificial contraception is a big no-no and while she may probably know about this, her feminist conscience pushes the radical feminist agenda to justify the need to use artificial contraception and reasons out that it is based on her conscience!  You think Hitler and Mussolini did not tell themselves that they used their conscience to push their agenda?  CONSCIENCE MY FOOT!

Well, I guess she hates this book, too.  DUH!

She urges the legislators to use their conscience to help their constituents who are poor.
-  She thinks the congressmen don't go around to find what goes on in their constituencies.  Yeah, she knows better.  Typical angry nun.

"When we die we will face our God not our bishops."
- Who says we will face our bishops?  Where the heck did she get this idea?  But all dissident Catholics would definitely face the bishops, well, if the bishops do their job.  We all follow the commandments of God, from the Pope to the laity.  No exemptions.  Who does she think she is?  Queen Elizabeth???

"Now who is your God, the punishing God or the loving God?"
- BOTH! God is a loving God but God will also "come to judge the world by fire".  He will say to those who did not heed His voice "Depart from me you accursed ones!"  I think she uses bible of those who despise anything that which is written in the actual Bible.

If you still doubt whether this nun is just for RH and not for abortion, where here is your final proof!

Can you see the one on the right?  Yes that is so-called RH advocate, when in fact ABORTION PROMOTER AND PROVIDER, Junice Melgar, MD of abortion group Likhaan, which I still wonder why is not being prosecuted.

This is one MS. TAPIA I am not laughing with.

This one, though grumpy in character is funnier.

The old one needs to have either get a formal excommunication or get the biological solution.

Unless the bishops act fast, and in this case, the ever so slow Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, we will see more dissidents from Katipunan Ave. in his own diocese reek out more trash from their devilish forked tongues!

No wonder the exorcism prayer of St. Benedict is phrased this way. "Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!"

RH advocates promise you the heavens when in fact it is a short-trip to perversion and hell!

These types of nuns who think they live in Europe and the USA, who think that by changing that which is divinely revealed or that even nature itself set, is teaching us progress and development, must be disciplined IMMEDIATELY.

Well, I guess we can't expect much with Bishop Ongtioco....unless he actually does something!

PS:  Miriam College has more filth than what you have actually heard.  Stay tuned for more updates here at TPC as we unravel these dissident "c"atholic institutions and how some bishops would rather be fence sitters and watch how their sheep gets devoured by ravening wolves.


  1. Please do tell us more About those "Spirit of Vatican II" Institutions. Filipino Catholics need to know the Truth that they do NOT bring us more faithful to the ONE TRUE FAITH.

  2. she's automatically excommunicated... i wish