Monday, November 12, 2012

This is what they need for Mass


This is at Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy is Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, once hosting the regular celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.

As I was told, this was during the Easter Vigil Mass, where not surprisingly in the Philippines, most liturgical abuses are committed.  But I am not sure if this is the Easter Vigil since

Obviously, this is a far cry from the solemn celebration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass back in the days when this present parish priest was, well, not yet the parish priest of PLDM.

I can't see why there is a need to have party poppers send confetti all around the church for the Easter Vigil?  Look at the photo.  Looks like we need more gimmicks like this to make the Great News that Jesus has triumphed over death more.....RELEVANT.....HAPPIER.....more......JOYOUS?

If you can't find any meaning in the sacrifice of his Triumph over death....which we all experience, and made present in EVERY SINGLE MASS......then it is obvious that you'll be looking at ways to fill that empty void within you that the MASS cannot do to your soul....that the Eucharist cannot quench!

So, you have priests who make their homilies like they are the animated speaker in network marketing / pyramiding scheme they can give Bob Barker, Steve Martin or Billy Crystal a run for their money as hosts.  Hey, those three wear tuxedos.  My fave priest wears flashy ponchos Catholics call chasubles!

You go through four years of theology to end up being a Production Designer, or Stage Manager, or Head Choreographer or......WILLIE REVILLAME without the skimpily clad girls....  Ugh!


PS:  The name of that thing that spreads confetti says it all...Poopers...I mean....

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  1. what an addition to the usual trash they would have collected afterwards...