Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mark you calendars for the Divine Liturgy!

Only a true Catholic university can do this!

This is true ecumenism!

Not like those smiling ecumaniacs, who'd go gaga over basketball rather thank sponsoring this kind of an event in their school grounds...

Did I mention that that school ceased to be catholic when they'd rather choose ambiguity over certainty?

Oh yeah, They'd rather be famous for basketball and sweet corn than being true Catholics.

Thanks to Miguel for the tip!


  1. I assume he's talking about the Japanese Sweet Corn being ubiquitously sold along the avenue of said school. :)

  2. TPC, I don't this it is proper to call this "ecumenism," since ecumenism pertains to the furthering of unity among Christians SEPARATED by doctrine, practice or sometimes, history.

    As far as my research goes, the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Australia is in FULL COMMUNION with the Holy See and the Pope.

    Different rite, yes, but part of the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH in all its sense and meaning.

    1. Ecumenism's main thrust is unity in the Church. How can you practice true ecumenism when you could not even host a Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Catholics in union with the Holy See. That is my point. I did not say they are separated. This act of UST show the Orthodox that the Roman Catholic Church is serious in its ecumenical efforts.

  3. Alright. We just want to make it clear because we don't want the readers to think otherwise.