Monday, November 5, 2012

GULP Alert: Using common bread for Mass

See that inset photo?

Yup.  Leavened bread.  A HUMONGOUS pan de sal, or Filipino breakfast bun, used for the Mass.

To tell you quite frankly, the liturgical school in Bukidnon and Mendiola taught me that THIS IS ALLOWED.

It is a way of inculturating our Mass

How to know this is wrong?

Read the General Instructions of the Roman Missal.  Read Redemptionis Sacramentum.

Those are the things you MUST read to know if there are somethings in your Mass that is just....not....right!

Like this Mass.

Even if the Pope celebrated this Mass, by the Church's own liturgical law and most importantly, Christ Himself USED UNLEAVENED BREAD when He instituted the very first Mass.

It is not our own law.  It is Christ's own law.  He used that and we follow.

Canon Law also put it in place:

Can. 924 §1. The most holy eucharistic sacrifice must be offered with bread and with wine in which a little water must be mixed.

§2. The bread must be only wheat and recently made so that there is no danger of spoiling.

Can. 926 According to the ancient tradition of the Latin Church, the priest is to use unleavened bread in the eucharistic celebration whenever he offers it.

Clearly what that priest was using is ILLICIT matter, or ILLEGAL material for the Mass. And not only ILLEGAL, he used a bread that is INVALID for the Mass.

So what happens? This was an INVALID MASS, and you and I are morally obligated to tell the WHOLE WORLD that this priest is sinning and that he made those who do not know, a Mass has taken place, which it did not since Christ was not made present on the Altar.



PS: I hope someone could give me the name of this priest.

The photo came from the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of the Diocese of Antipolo.


  1. TPC diba ang pagsasayaw din sa harapan ng altar ay hindi rin appropriate? Nagg email din kasi ako sa isang religious order tinatanong ko kung baket nila ito ginagawa.

    Ano po bang pwede kong sabihin sa pari tungkol dito sakaling mag dahilan? Baka pwede nyo akong bigyan ng law number, encyclical number, letter of a pope etc... para mabackupan ko ang sinasabi ko sa inemail ko sa kanila.

    1. Here, Bogey:

  2. After googling.. Here is the info that I found?

    Has anyone tried reaching to the said parish priest? Yes he is the parish priest.

    Other contact details below:

    Connect with us online:

    Facebook accounts

    Parish facebook account:

    Parish youth ministry facebook account:

    Parish newsletter facebook account:

    Parish educ. grantees facebook account:

    Multiply site:

    E-mail of parish:

    Paki reply na lang dito if na email na si Father tungkol dito, if not I'll send him an email. Maraming salamat!

  3. Btw TPC, thanks at na email ko na iyong pari tungkol dito. He replied saying na it was a children's mass and ichecheck niya further ang church documents kung may nilalabag ba. And then I replied back attaching the letter that you gave me.

    1. He will look? How did this priest pass Theology? Good grief?!