Thursday, November 8, 2012

GULP Alert: How some priests behave during Mass


The two priests on the left are garbed for Mass.  They are concelebrating.

So when a priest concelebrates, they join the main presider in the Mass, not like how a mere layman in the pew does it, but just as he would have celebrated the Mass, saying the prayers, extending their hands during the consecration, in the orans pose during the Canon of the Mass, etc.

But these two priests, just show the lack of respect they have for the Mass and for the Sacrament they received to confect the Holy Eucharist.  They just don't know what they were there for, and what those vestments they are wearing are all about.

In the Year of Faith, the last thing you need to see is a bunch of priest, in the sanctuary, concelebrating, and acting like little spoiled brats who don't care about decency and civility and much worse about the sense of the sacred.

Would you expect the secretary of a cabinet post, or an ambassador, or a general, or a prince or prime minister to behave like this on stage when they have in their presence the president or the monarch?  Would you even consider seeing this kind of attitude done during a live TV broadcast?  Would you even consider seeing this done in a civil court while the court is in session?

This is not fun.  This is not cute.  This is not entertaining.

These two priests just don't get it.

This is downright disgusting!

Bad role models!

Juvenile delinquents trapped in a mature priest's body!


Thank you for showing us the faith you have for the Sacrament so many saints and martyrs died for, the Sacrament which is the source and summit of Christian life!

Well, I guess uploading a photo on their Facebook account takes precedence than acting properly at Mass.

Just plain disgusting!

"Oh come on, TPC, you are overreacting!"

You think this is the first time I have seen this done?

Thank God for those two in the right.  They know where they are and how they should behave.


  1. TPC, speaking of concelebrating. May concelebrating ba sa TLM? Thanks!

  2. concelebrated mass is not allowed in TLM. Instead of concelebrated mass, they just do a simultaneous mass.