Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another "common" liturgical abuse

See the guy on the right?


Those are hosts.

I am not sure if they are already consecrated or they just came from the Offertory procession.

But the glass bowl is a common thing in most parishes in the Philippines.

You think it is dignified vessel for the Holy Eucharist?

Some priests just don't really get it!

Parishes usually would rather spend on the liturgical "creativities" like the attire and paraphernalia of the "liturgical dancers" and yes, they even spend money for the choreographers.  Last I heard from my parish was that they spent P15,000 for the ehem, "stipend" or what was actually the choreographer's professional fee.

So what's next?

Straws for the chalice?

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  1. Until you mentioned the bowl contained hosts, I thought it contained popcorn.

    Sorry to hear that "liturgical dancers" continue to plague the Church in your neck of the woods.

    Glad, though, someone is keeping an eye on the Holy Mass in the Philippines! Keep up the good work! Let's hope that by exposing abuse wherever it is found and by promoting true liturgy that a widespread renewal of a sense of the sacred may be sparked among the faithful. All to the glory of God!

    P.S., Added your site to my blogroll at the