Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is what really we are being taught....

By bishops, priests, nuns, catechists....

It still goes on.

Revisionist historians, they still think this way and spread these lies.

No wonder why we have public dissenter led by Constitutionalist Jesuit Joaquin Bernas.

That is why we have "catholic" universities like Ateneo and De La Salle not publicly reprimanding their dissident professors.

That is why we have pro-contraception and pro-divorce politicians like Miriam Santiago who publicly challenge and ridicule the teaching authority of the Church to have their wedding anniversary celebrated in a Cathedral - Basilica, and the cardinal who presided at the Mass did not even budge an inch against the attack at the Church.

Yes, this bishop in this Vortex video and like most Filipino bishops, priests, nuns and catechists really believe that we are not experiencing a crisis of Faith.  They think that everything is A-OK even with the Church today.

That is the Church we have right now, under attack from outside and even from within.

The Year of Faith was called to re-evangelize the world, evangelize meaning to bring them into the Faith, not the kind of evangelization of these revisionist and Vatican II worshippers, the evangelization of presence, of dialogue, of holding hands, of clapping, of dancing, of the Age of Aquarius....

This bishop and many like them are either living in a dream or horribly intoxicated.

Only Obama and Noynoy Aquino still think this way.

I never thought that this kind of fantasy exists even in our Church.


  1. Please pray for all Lasallian institutions in the world, Mr. TPC. We badly need prayers. Kung may Katolisismo pang natitira sa DLSU, siguro parang one drop lang sa isang litro.

    It's very hard to be Catholic inside the campus. When you say something about dogma, all they can tell you is " medieval" and "ridiculous". Many students say "separation of church and state!" yet many of them are complaining why there is a need for a new translation of the Mass.

    What's the purpose of calling the institution Catholic if all students that come out from it are rabid anti-Catholic bigots?

  2. hi sir, i hope you can post this. a synod father recalls the lessons and mistakes done during and after Vatican II