Thursday, October 11, 2012

GULP Alert: How NOT to promote the Year of Faith

by showing how you take Holy things like they are just ordinary things!

And to think that we encourage people to dress up appropriately for Mass with posters such as these!

Oh damn!

I forgot!

They are NOT in a church!  Duh!

Thank you dear Fathers so taking our Holy Mass so lightly!

Yes I am mad and I am being sarcastic, TPC style of course.



  1. since vatican II we dont have solitary pope..but thousands of popes :((((

  2. This is just sad. I once told the chapel caretaker why people go to Mass wearing shorts and slippers. I told her to remind the people, but she just said "hayaan na, baka wala nang pumunta sa Mass." I don't understand why so many people want to make the Church pleasing to them. These priests just had to follown the rubrics, wear a very thin alb, chasuble and stole, di pa rin magawa, dahil mainit?

    Priests expect people to turn up on their Sundays best when attending, but they themselves look like rags when saying Mass.

    I get requests from priests to just get "yung manipis, yung may stole". I return with a nice chasuble and stole, only to hear "bakit inside stole? wala nung stole?" What in the world is an inside stole?! It's always inside!! :))) I also hear "center stoles". :(

  3. Where did this happen? Were they informed that they need to dress up properly? If not, kindly post their affiliation/names or any pertinent details and I will email their superiors personally.