Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Mass of a Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy?

What does it do?

It actually gives you the permission from the Holy See to teach the subject of Sacred Liturgy in seminaries and pontifical colleges and universities, that is why it is a License.

So, in a way, it gives you the credibility to teach the subject, after all, not all those who graduated from Law school actually can be a lawyer.  You need to pass the Bar.  So only a Bar passer is credible.  Same goes with the the one with a licentiate in Sacred Liturgy.

You'd see the SLL appended on their names, usually priests and some nuns would take this.

And so, what's up with this photo?

Yup, the priests were saying Mass.  All properly dressed for the occasion.  Yeah, I am being sarcastic.

So where is the SLL in all of these?

The old priest with white hair is.

Rector, vicar general and holder of a Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy saying Mass this way.

Don't ask the liturgical color of the day.

I think the theme of the day was:

"Rainbow Connection in a hotel room Mass."

If you have Catholic priests celebrating Mass this way, who needs the Iglesia ni Cristo to desecrate it?

Pitiful sight.

PS:  He got his licentiate from San Anselmo in Rome.  Ahhhh...No wonder.  Birds of the same feather...have the same sized bird brains.  Huh?  That didn't make sense!  Well, this picture doesn't too!


  1. I remember seeing a photo of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin when he was saying mass in his hospital room and he was still wearing the chasuble (stole underneath). These priests should learn from him/. Maybe Noli Yamsuan can furnish us a copy.

  2. tsk3..did they already forgot about liturgical colors? green? gold? (its ok coz you can use gold any mass) but BLACK???