Thursday, September 6, 2012

On criticizing errant priests and bishops

St. Catherine admonishing Pope Gregory XI

Yes, I am known to do this.

And in fact, I get a lot of hate mails because of that.


Because some die-hard fans of these errant priests and bishops would rather turn a blind eye on their IDOLS' wrongdoings and do and say NOTHING!

Don't you think this was how the sex abuse scandal got out of hand?


It is interesting to note that if St. Catherine disapproved of Gregory XI's residency at Avignon, she must have implicitly disapproved of the entire course the Church had been following for the previous seventy years, since the papal residency at Avignon had been a reality since Clement V (1309). She disagreed not only with the actions of a single pontiff but with something that had become an entrenched ecclesiastical policy. Yet the fact that she was going against seventy years of precedent didn't stop her; perhaps some tried to tell her that her efforts were fruitless, that this was "the way of the future." Yet this made no difference to her.

Many of you can see where I am going with this - if one of our greatest saints and doctors of the Church can admonish a pope that his prudential judgment in governing the Church is errant, and be praised for it, why is there a stigma attached to questioning prudential judgments of the popes today in their governance of the Church?.............  [Especially for a nut job who is still jobless!]

Therefore, when we do find these examples from history of saints admonishing or correcting popes, I don't think we need to be cowed into silence by those who would accuse us of arrogance by saying, "You're not a saint!" I certainly don't claim to be a saint, but I do know that St. Catherine, when she was petitioning the pope to change his judgment, wasn't doing it "because she was a saint"; she was doing it because it was right to do, and one never has to be ashamed of doing what is right so long as it is done in charity and sincerity.


Don't you think believing and admiring the priest and bishop too much is a violation of the first commandment?

I mean, Truth is not dependent on the personality.

That is a cult......a cult of personality not a cult of merits of the case.

Not far from what the attackers of Sen. Tito Sotto are doing, eh?

Bash the messenger. Ignore the message.

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I agree with what the blogger wrote, stroke after stroke of the computer key!

PS: The Label of this post is "Anti-TPC" also known as EK or KSP or GL.


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