Monday, September 3, 2012

Guess where I am!

The only shot I got from my friend's camera.

I am on a freeeeeeeeeee  trip. And I am enjoying it.  :)

Internet connection is limited so I'll see if I can still blog.

If you are asking for photos, I think I can give only a few ones.  I can't reveal the monsignor I am with.  ;)

And!...someone will be hungry to see my face!

Right, Carlita?

Time to buy some authentic Italian birettas and ferraiolo's at Gamarelli's for my friend priests.

Guess some wannabes will be drooling.



PS:  Last I heard someone was still on a witch hunt.  Ha!


  1. I Told You two years ago that I was I was in the Vatican for a Christmas Pilgrimage with My Family.

    Blessings to You!!!

  2. Your in Vatican and that picture is the spot where the Blessed John Paul II was shot by an assasin!