Thursday, August 16, 2012

TLM Lectures in Manila!!!

ANOTHER UNA VOCE MILESTONE: Stressing a point on THE CEREMONIES OF THE TRIDENTINE MASS to an attentive audience at the Campus Ministry air conditioned Multi-Purpose Hall, PONTIFICAL & ROYAL CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS.

This is in preparation for the Traditional Latin Mass on 24 August 2012, 6PM, at the Chapel of St. Dominic, UST Manila. [I hope the small liturgist does not do anything nasty against this!]  In the words of Friar Eric; "I ENJOYED TONIGHT's TALK MUCH MORE! MAKE SURE {talking to Una Voce officers} I AM ABLE TO GO BACK TO UST WHEN I RETURN TO MANILA."

UST served merienda to ALL the participants after the talk, and a special dinner for Rev. Fr. Eric Forbes, OFM Cap. {Vegetables only for the dear friar! No meat, pork, or chicken. Fish is steamed, not fried} and the members of Una Voce Philippines, plus the esteemed Theology Professors of the University.

* An image of St. Dominic and a generous stipend was given to the Friar after the talk.

The series of talks was organized by UNA VOCE PHILIPPINES (UVP).

Una Voce Philippines is a member of Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, an international federation of Catholic lay organizations attached to the Tridentine Mass. Una Voce Philippines is the recognized Philippine organization.

Carlos Antonio Palad, of UVP is a member of FIUV Council.

More photos of the Una Voce Philippines activities coming soon!

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