Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RH media are a bunch of biased liars!

EDSA anti-rh crowd was 60k, researcher says

MANILA, August 6, 2012—In the midst of debatable figures of how many people were actually at the Prayer Power Rally against the RH Bill last Saturday, a researcher using scientific crowd estimation analysis finally pegged the crowd to be at 60,000.

Dr. Quirino Sugon [The Monk's Hobbit!] of the Manila Observatory, a research institute that does high-resolution population mapping and land-use mapping, among others, said in his blog that based on aerial shots of the crowd at the EDSA Shrine, even if there were only an estimated 4 persons/sq. m., the crowd would have numbered 60,180 persons at the height of the rally at 5 p.m[No Carlos Celdran will not understand this because in her ultimate conyones, her pea-brain cannot deduce the mathetical approach to this problem.  In other words, she is dumb and stupid.]

According to Dr. Sugon , the anti-RH crowd was definitely not loosely packed and even if there were 3 persons/sq.m., that would be the equivalent of 45,000 – still thousands away from the Philippine Star’s [ka-ching!] 10,000 estimate and Alliance France Press (AFP) [ka-ching!] figure of 7,000.

The EDP Ground Commander of the Philippine National Police in charge of security for the event estimated the crowd to be around 40,000.

Dr. Quirino used equivalent rectangular analysis, noting the rules of this particular method.

In a loose crowd, where people are at arm’s length from each other, space covered by one person is 10 sq. ft.

With people more closely packed in, it would be half, or one person/5 sq. ft. or 2.2 persons/sq.m.

In a tight crowd, space gets smaller with 2.5 sq. ft. or 4.3 persons/sq.m.

According to Dr. Quirino’s calculations, the length of the area covered by the crowd had a length of 885 m. and a width of 17 m. for a total area of 15,045 sq.m.

Clarke Nebrao of the Catholic Association of Lay Missionaries, said official estimates did not even include the overflow of people on the footbridge across the EDSA Shrine, the entrance of Corinthian Gardens, a subdivision along EDSA, the La Salle Greenhills area and the vicinity of White Plains where supporters also stayed.

Sugon added that this estimate still does not include the pro-lifers who, at any given time, were going to nearby Robinson’s galleria to use restrooms or grab refreshments. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]


RH media man, Howie [ka-ching!] Severino [ka-ching!] of GMANews website was quick to have his website post that the people art Edsa was around 10,000.

Back to school you and refresh your arithmetic!


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  1. Senator Pia Cayentano once Tweeted about A Student who did NOT liked being forced to join the rally. Hmmmm.....