Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Obviously not covered by the bigoted Western media

Yeah, you saw the photos.

Well, just this photo.

That is Ethiopian runner Meseret Defar. She held up an icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help after bagging the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 10, 2012 in London, England. She won two gold medals during the games.

There were other photos that the Western media did not show.

Here they are:

She pulls out the cloth bearing the image from under her jersey as soon as she crossed the finish line to win the gold.

And this is one of the image that the Western Media would not want you to see.

Orthodox Christian Defar falls on her knees, places the image on her face and prays in between sobs.

And oh, for the Anti-Catholic-only Atheist who think they think, I'd rather call them Free-to-be-Idiots, they'll 'scientifically' explain that the runner had more training, her body is lighter and blah blah blah...

Yeah, we Catholics agree about that.

But what they cannot understand is that image inspired this woman to reach for her goals.

Which makes me think...

Can the atheists try to scientifically explain how inspiration can uhm......INSPIRE?



PS:  Here is a supposed "interview" of the reaction of the Blessed Mother on hearing that Her photo was shown throughout the world during the games.

Jusus Christ, the son of God and His Mother Mary expressed delight and happiness after their picture was shown to the whole world by Ethiopian Meseret Defar after she won women's 5000 Olympics in London.
When Meseret defar wins the women's 5000m gold medal, the world expected to see the usual Ethiopian celebration: holding the Green, Yellow and Red flag and circling around the stadium.

However before that, the Ethiopian Athlete showed the picture of Mary and baby Jesus to the world that she hide in her jersey during the whole 5000 meters.
According to our reporters, both Mary and Jesus did not expect to see their picture on live tv but both of them expressed happiness.

Mary said "I love that picture. It shows me and my son together."

Jesus said "I am happy. You know so many athletes just make the cross sign or look into the sky these days during celebration. No one bothers to show my picture. Finally someone from my favorite country has the balls to do it. Thank you Meseret. Thank you Ethiopia." [I don't think Jesus would use the b word.]

Jesus added he has one request for his followers.

"My request is next time please get the picture of me taken when I was herding sheep. I like that one."

This one.

Moral of this post?

Be proud to show the whole world how proud you are as a Catholic Christian.....

Without insulting or killing anyone.

Like theis group.

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