Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make up your mind!

I think they already have!

It is not really about the Catholic Church.

It is about the Catholic Church's stand on issues of morality.

"Oh yeah right! That is why you have child molesters...."

Yeah, I know they would bring that up.

As if the Catholic Church has a monopoly on erring clerics.

Most child molesters in the USA alone are not even clerics.  Most happen either in their own homes or in schools.

There have been cases where Protestant and even Muslim clerics were convicted of either rape or molestation.

So, no, try harder.  The child molester card won't trump me.

Admit it.

You don't want others to tell you that what you are doing is wrong.

Right, Carlos Celdran?

Because queering, which is your way of life, will never ever work.

And it is not about the RH Bill per se.

You just hate it when the Catholic Church tells your lot that what you are doing is wrong and EVIL.

And that you are going to hell if you do not change your ways.

Typical reaction of Modernists to follow.......

"Are you sure there is even a Hell?"

That is why I still maintain that RH and the growing dissident Catholic politicians like in the Philippines (Lagman, Defensor-Santiago) and abroad (Pelosi, et al.) is because they were TAUGHT so by their modernist priests and theologians.  And the bishops of their dioceses know for a fact that this is happening and that they did not care at all.

Simply put.

The thief will come into the night........if the night watchman is caught sleeping on the job.

What we are having now is a reflection of the failure of the bishops to do their job.

It is not too late.  We can still fix this.

Just kick them out, the liberal theologians too.  Don't forget Bernal.

Done.  Simple isn't it?

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