Friday, August 10, 2012

Last I heard from the anti-Catholics...

Red Tani despises the Bible that inspired the teachers of De La Salle, his alma mater and instead exalts the idiotic book of Richard Dawkins, who can't even explain how something came out of nothing.

They read my post.

And their reaction was:

"I do not need to have someone take my photograph just to prove that I did something good for the flood victims."

Oh yeah, sure.  For some "freethinker" who demands evidence of the existence of God...

...who demands that the CBCP show their "billions"...

here comes this hypocrite named Red Tani and Carlos Celdran who wants the ordinary Juan to just take their word for it.

They want us to just have FAITH.

No evidence needed.

I find it hard to even start comprehending how a bunch of attention hungry spoiled brats could not even publicize their "GOOD DEED".

Yeah, right.  You start being to discreet now.  Ooops!  Forgot.  You already do know that.


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  1. Red Tani is raising the wrong Bible for veneration for the occasion! He should exalt the following Testaments of Charles Darwin

    "The Origin of Species" and the "Descent of Man" and the Epistles of Mr Darwin. If he read them (Which I seriously doubt. He never replied to my tweet that Darwin's letters never supported artificial contraception). He would find out that Darwin was in tune with Catholic tradition, at least on that point. It is ridiculous to raise Darwin's work as Gospel. This Tani doesn't get it!