Friday, August 31, 2012

From a TPC Reader: Putting the tabernacle to the side is reaally wrong!

And doing it this way is doing it even worse!

And to think that those who always put the tabernacle to the side always reason out that they must put the tabernacle to the side since "they do not want to put their backs on the Lord."

Sacrosanctum Concilium always reminds us that the tabernacle must be placed in a place of honor or in a separate chapel where He will be adored in prayer and silence.

Now look at this!

Do you even think that the priest who did this has any regard for the presence of the Lord?

Do you think he is giving the Lord the place of honor in this church?

Or do you think he just follows the trend...........BLINDLY?

"Oh come on, TPC, that photo does not even show the entire sanctuary!"

Oh come on!  Can you see that?  The image of the saint has a spotlight on it.  The tabernacles sanctuary lamp is nowhere near to be found?!?!

You do love HIM?

Prove it!


Bring back the tabernacle at the center of the sanctuary!

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