Friday, July 27, 2012

Today will live as a day of infamy!

No, not from World War 2.

When a rapist, adulterer and one who physically abuses women claimed he was an angel...

And founded a heretical apostate church

And for all intents and purposes, was not after the harvest of souls........

But harvest of MONEY!

They commemorate that day when the gates of hell unleashed a false religion!

This is the same STUPID religion that called Natural Family Planning Methods.......unnatural!

The same STUPID religion that does not bow down on images of Christ as a sign of respect but does this!

The same STUPID religion that condemns the construction of religious images, but has no qualms making one for the GREAT RAPIST AND SWINDLER!

The day that Lucifer took another form!


  1. We have a Family Lawyer who is Whining about an Office Boo-Boo. So that's his way of celebrating His Church's Foundation Day aka INC