Thursday, July 19, 2012

St. Vincent School of Theology might be in big trouble!

There is an "Eastern Catholic Church" here in the Philippines...


This group is NOT IN ANYWAY connected to the Catholic Church, meaning it is NOT IN COMMUNION with the Bishop of Rome.  (Get that Noah?)

With that said...

They have claimed that they can trace their orders back to the Apostles.

Does Thuc and Milingo ring a bell?

Considering that these group is one of those bogus claimants to the their "Catholicity", (hello Mark Bunag!), would you even be surprised if you read one of these entries.

Mar Yokhannan Bar Thoma and Mar Shimun-Artemus Bar Tooma consecrated to the Sacred Episcopate: Mar Basillius Bar Thoma (Bishop Fredelito Bendal Palmes – Joven y Vargas) for the Eastern Catholic Church Metropolitan See of the Philippines and All Asia on December 28, 2007 at St. Vincent Theological Seminary, Tandang Sora, Quezon City.
Well, does St. Vincent care about heretics, schismatics?


They are one!

You might say that the bogus "Easterners" just used the name of the school...


Doubt that it is just using the name.  There is a higher probability that IT DID HAPPEN.

But they call the SSPX schismatics and heretics.

Would they let the SSPX hold a Solemn High Mass in their premises?


Would turn them all Vincetians to dust.

Will the Bishop of Novaliches ever discipline these Vincentians?


The monstrance containing the Blessed Lord was taken stolen from the Adoration Chapel of St. Peter's Church and NO Act of Reparation was even done.

I think Bishop Tobias does not know anything about this, nor does he ever plan of disciplining the dissent factory called SVST.



Move along.

Our bishops don't care about Catholic schools teaching heresy and dissent.


  1. Well said CLOWEE AZARCON. This author of this blog is a NUT. This blog is created to attack and mock. We know the person behind this stupidity. The National Bureau of Investigation, Cybercrime Division have already identified the person behind this "scrap" blog site.... guess who??? (Mr. R.L.) ........ thanks to DOJ's CYBERCRIME LAW!

  2. WHERE IS MY POST! This BLOG is BIAS! I will publish this matter in braodcast media and I will expose this blogger, the culprit behind this stupidity. I know who you are... (Mr. R.L.)... I am coordinating with NBI Cybercrime division and charge legal cases and suits.

  3. I will report this blog to the Roman authorities and file a complaint.

  4. I think someone is in big trouble. You see....I can see who comments, and I can see their IP addresses and WHERE they post...,so I know who is this guy who made these comments and I know how to find them.

    Poor guy. He name drops someone who as ME. Thing is if the guy reads this and pursues a case against MADAM BOGUS PRIESTESS...Hmmmm......I can email him the screencaps!

    What do you think?

  5. Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    Please note that the no priest nor bishop from the so called "Eastern Catholic Church" has ever been in communion with or ordained by anyone from the "Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East" (in historical times known simply as the "Church of the East").

    We are the indigenous church from Mesopotamia (and the lands eastward), with our roots established in the ancient Persian/Parthian Empire, as compare to the Roman/Byzantine empire.

    Since 1992 we have had a "Common Christological Agreement" with Rome signed by the late blessed Pope John Paul and our current Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV. We are still independent, but can take communion from each other if one of our own churches are not available.

    I just want to make sure everyone fully understands that the group mentioned above has absolutely nothing to do with us.

    +God Bless