Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OF and EF Mass: Mutual enrichment

I am for both as I have blogged many times before!


If given a choice.

I'd go to the ones that my great grandparents and ancestors loved.

Nuff said.

Let the discussion....begin!

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  1. I beg to disagree that they are different. If the elements in both forms are actually put side by side. The Ordinary Form will be the same as the Extraordinary Form, even the Extraordinary Form reduced (mutilated) to its barest structure. The issue really is and always has been the organic development of the Mass. Current magisterium (after Summorum Pontificum) teaches that yes, the Ordinary Form is an organic development of the Extraordinary Form of the same Mass. But whether or not the organic nature of the Liturgy was respected in the process is another issue to be debated. Pope Benedict seems to insinuate that he foresees a "mutual enrichment" until the natural course of history will naturally, organically bring together both forms into one single Roman Rite. There have been similar instances in the long history of the Church.