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GULP Alert: Confusing...really

From The Tablet

Yeah, the photo itself gives me a major migraine!


The practice of lay people or consecrated Religious conducting communion services in the absence of a priest is a hindrance to priestly vocations and confusing to the faithful, a senior Vatican cardinal has warned. [Read my long rant below.]

Cardinal Raymond Burke [My fave cardinal!], prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, made his remarks at the Fifth Fota International Liturgy Conference in Cork this week. He said it was "not good for people to participate repeatedly in these kinds of services on Sundays because they lose the sense that the Blessed Sacrament - Holy communion - comes from the sacrifice." [This kind of "service" came from protestants who do not even believe in the sacramental presence of the Lord.  Have you ever heard your "catholic" priest, nun and religion teacher telling you that Christ is still present whenever "two are three are gathered" in His Name?  And that He is still present in the Word that we "reflect and share"?  Oh yeah, heard it a million times. But wait!  What about his sacramental presence in the Blessed Sacrament?  Whatever happened to that?]

Cardinal Burke said that Services of the Word separated the Eucharist from the vocation of the priest. He added: "It shouldn't surprise us that the number of vocations plummets."  [it should not come as a surprise when we make our priests ordinary social workers, movers and shakers, like the revolutionary Jesus of the Liberation theologians, what is the use for the priesthood whose main purpose is to offer sacrifice?  And what is the need for a priest to offer sacrifice when you have Christ present nature, in our neighbors...he is Cosmic, just like the Christified thing that the Jesuit Music Ministry of Ateneo de Manila University wants to convey.  Christ is the Avatar!  So, what is the need for Holy Orders?]


In fact there are some religious, the ones in habit but are too radical and angry at anything masculine that they think it is their right to distribute Holy Communion even if they are not the Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion, and women will never be, or even if these women have not been instituted.  Some even rant that this practice "demeans" women.  Boohoo!!!!  Cry babies.  I am a man, and even if I can, I will never and would not want to become an EMHC and would not demand such a privilege for me because I still believe that only consecrated hand should touch the Holy of Holies.  Period.  So yes, I completely agree with my fave cardinal on this issue. 

Imagine a little kid seeing this scene in their chapel, parish, chapel this scene?  What would the kid think?  Can the ordinary kid distinguish between a Mass and a Communion Service?

Whatever happened to the Sacrifice when you just let a simple layman or a nun dreaming of becoming a priest, for what they say is Vatican III (dream on!)

Ask any ordinary Mass goer every Sunday about what they think the Communion Service is anything different from the Mass and you'll be surprised to know that most would say that the Communion Service is led by the lay minister (their definition, not mine!) while the Mass is led by the priest.

Just that!

The difference is on the one leading.  You don't have to be a theologian to know the difference.  Basic Catechism is all you need to know the difference.

Now, are you still wondering why we either have no Catechism taught in our Catholic schools or we have catechism classes that teaches children to take care of nature or to love another or that the Mass is a Meal of Love and no mention whatsoever of it being the re-enactment of the same Sacrifice in Calvary?

Now are you still surprised why some of our priests think of their priesthood more of being in the spotlight and rather than offering the Holy Sacrifice?

Who do you think would want to kill the Catholic priesthood?

Fruits of Vatican II?

What do you think?

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