Friday, July 27, 2012

GULP Alert: Another nauseating sight

Dear GULP friends,

Here is our happy photo during our excursion!

Lovely day!


Priests who don't give a damn about dressing properly for Mass.


  1. I get what you mean and I totally understand your sentiments about the proper use of vestments for the celebration of the Mass. However if a priest has to walk for miles or ride a bike up a mountain, does he need to bring all his vestments to celebrate mass for far flung barrios? Hypothetically speaking, this photo doesn't look like they were in a barrio, do this doesn't count.

    But what if, a priest needs to go say mass at the barrio all he could bring is his small bag with the (proper) vessels and a green & white reversible stole. Should we fault him for that? What if before the mass a person asks for confession, he doesn't have a violet stole, should the white one suffice? or should he deny the person confession?

  2. I am usually *quite* tolerant when it comes to Mass outside a church, but this is simply as disgusting as the RH bill. Well, probably.

  3. I was almost impressed upon seeing this blog below 'coz he's wearing what Priests should ought to be and scrolling further I became totally shocked.

    almost perfect and yet...

    What the heck is this (confused) "Priest-ess" doing?