Thursday, July 12, 2012

Are all religions equal?

Is Buddha, Mohammed, Vishu and all the other gods of other religions an expression of the One True God we Catholics worship and adore?

For a fan of Feng Shui Bishop Jaucian, Christ is!


Heresy alert.

Go on over that old post of mine condemning the statement of Bishop Jaucian which goes like this:

“God is present in other religion and culture so the belief in Feng Shui, Astrology, and praying at Buddhist temples should be perceived as instruments that all draws us closer to God."

Views like this are products of MODERNISM being taught in our theology schools and seminaries.  Yes, even bishops preach it!

And go answer that die-hard fan that he too is a HERETIC in his views.

In the meantime, watch this and learn:

In addition to this, read DOMINUS IESUS.


  1. No need of extravagant introduction. It is clear that the Catholic Church is moving a step backward in terms of Her authority and credibility as the sole bearer of Truth and Salvation while raising and in fact, praising almost all other denominations as worthy of credence. Blame it to eculmenism, err, ecumenism! It’s spirit is sending false messages to the blind and deaf majority.

    Since when did wrong become a brother of right? And since when did False embrace with Truth?

    Ladies and Gentlemen: right in front of us is a multiple choice. And you’ve got to choose: Catholicsm, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, etc,etc..Is that so? As if there is really no True Religion that can save. As it there was no Christ who came down from Heaven to become a Man, who suffered and died for us. As if there never occurred in the history of the Church of the establishment of the Catholic religion through St. Peter. Has the world forgotten Christ’s very words, “ Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church”?

    Now look at what’s happening in the Church today? It there’s a word more ridiculous than ridiculous, then that’s how you describe their (Church high profiles) weird novelties. Sure, one can imagine a Pope praying together with leaders of other religions. But one cannot fathom a Pope for having done that! Much more inside a sacrosanct Basilica of Assisi with the statue of Buddha proudly sitting at the altar. (In the New Mass, it’s now simply called a table). His reasons, whatever maybe, however sublime and majestic, cannot suffice the great danger it has brought to the faithful.

    Multiple choice. Which is which? Such is a question of a person who is left spiritually confused and desolate. There’s an easy answer, though. What is not easy is to understand and to agree with the answer especially that the Vatican Council II is giving to some extent imposing an idea that one can be saved whatever his religion maybe.

    True, one can be saved in or in spite of other religions but never by that religion. Others argue that one can be saved in anyway there is. True, just as in going to a place anywhere in the country, by boat or plane but always through a medium. Also, in terms of salvation, there’s many ways in attaining that but always through one Channel: The Roman Catholic Church- the Church of Christ. There’s no other way for Christ is the only “Way, the Truth and the Life.” Some also assert that it is Faith that which matters most. True again. But who’s faith? That of pagan? A Muslim? A Buddhist? Certainly not because theirs do not conform perfectly to how Christ wanted it to be.

    To pray together with other sects for world peace and unity would then futile and sacrilegious for even God would be scandalized and confused ( assuming He can be.) Why, has the world forgotten God’s “ I am the Lord thy God, Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me”?

    In his fairness, the Pope wanted to attain something good—that of peace and unity among his flock. But the thing is, one cannot do that by false means because a good effect due to a bad cause is still bad. The end does not justify the means, remember?

    Thus, ECUMENISM has lost its credibility from the very beginning. There’s still that multiple choice, though, and the best answer, as always, is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH. No more, no less.

  2. I remember when I was in high school, our Christian Living education teacher told us that other religions are like "doors that lead to the same Lord". I raised my hand and asked "What about extra Ecclesiam nulla salus?". He then asked what it is, and told me it was a "very heavy statement". After that, he just said that was "years ago" and told about the usual "Vatican II blahblahblah...".

    If all religions are equal, then I could be Muslim on Fridays, Adventist on Saturday, and maybe pagan on Sundays? Just to make myself entertained? If thats the case, then the Church is inconsistent with its teaching that She holds the Truth in her Magisterium. When I heard Mass this morning, Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, S.J. told that the problem is the Church is also being battered by post-modernism, and people are embracing relativism.

    Mama Mary, pray for us!

    ***that high school teacher, as far as I remember, is the same teacher that told us that the devil is hatred, anger and fear that resides in our hearts, and not an entity.