Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Word Exposed got it wrong!

No, not the entire thing!

OA na naman kayo.

Look out at the 1:57 mark.

"‎In the past (referring to the Traditional Latin Mass), only altar boys and those preparing to become priests were allowed to assist the priest in the celebration of the Mass. The rest simply remained at their seats, WATCHING THE RITUALS, participating in the singing of the hymns, and from time to time responding 'et cum spiritu tuo' and 'Amen.'


Let's look at these old photos.

The priest looks familiar,eh?

Wow! According to The Word Exposed, that old man kneeling and answering "Et cum spiritu tuo." is an ALTAR BOY or those PREPARING TO BECOME A PRIEST!?


Hmmm....I know someone who is not even a seminarian but dresses up like a priest or even a bishop. Yeah complete with biretta!


There's the active participation again.

This is what the Holy Father was talking about at the conclusion of the Eucharistic Congress. For the producer of this edition of The Word Exposed, you do not worship if you do not do anything with your body. If you just sit, sing, and from time to time answer, then you DON'T ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE

This is the typical bias of those who are against the TLM. They do not know what they are talking about and they create a picture of those who attend the TLM as a bunch of mindless drones.

Whether in the TLM or in the Novus Ordo, if you do not PRAY THE MASS as St. Pius X taught us, you are not ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING.

When you just stand, sit, kneel and talk when you are told so by the commentator, then following the same argument of The Word Exposed, then you are NOT ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING.

So, even in the Novus Ordo, active participation does not happen!

So, is it the form of the Mass? Why keep on pinning the blame on active participation against the TLM?

Shame. Such bias.

In fact, attendees of the TLM are even more knowledgeable of what goes on in the sanctuary. The TLM does not need a commentator to answer for them. They know when to answer, men and women, young and old, educated or not, they know when to open their mouths and when to sit, and kneel.

A Novus Ordo will always look for a microphone and a commentator. Why? You can't get the participation you so desire if no one is directing you.

So, who are the remote controlled drones now?

Huh?  Greeters and Collectors are Liturgical Ministers?  Where is that in Vatican II or post V2 Documents from the Holy See?

And as if the ministry of altar servers and choir was not allowed for the laity before Vatican II.

See the bias?!


PS:  Ok so maybe the entire thing.

Too many biases in this episode.

It's like reading a book of Fr. Anscar....

.............Hmmmm....Maybe it was based on..............


  1. That's Why Because of Such Modernist Shenanigans like This Video,Cebu instead of IMPERIAL MANILA was Chosen to Host the Next International Eucharistic Congress in 2016

    -Josemaria Lazaro Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-von verster

    P.S I Can't Comment with My Gmail Account because It's Hacked I Think.

  2. For these folks the understanding of "active participation" is limited to the external and material participation of the faithful. More than than a true active participation happens internally. It is when we are able interiorly connect with the Sacrifice through owning intentions said by the priest, meditating on the themes of the liturgy and in communicating sacramentally. These are what I think true and active participation in the Mass as intended by the Supreme Pontiffs.

  3. I know the priest in this picture. He's our pope, Pope Benedict XVI.

  4. "I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's messages to Lucy of Fatima. This persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in her liturgy, her theology and her soul.

    "I hear all around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments and make her feel remorse for her historical past.

    "A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them, like Mary Magdalene weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, "Where have they taken Him?"
    ... Pope Pius XII (Pius XIIDevant L'Histoire, pp. 52-53 by Msgr. Georges Roche)

    The part on the 1:57 mark seem to reflect innovators who wish the Church to feel remorse about Her past.