Saturday, June 23, 2012

"That they may be one!"

The prayer of Jesus in John 17:21 is the TRUE MEANING of ecumenism.

And Pope Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity.

His visit to Westminster Abbey is just that.

Note that he is wearing the stole of Pope Leo XIII.  Do you know Apostolicae curae?

Well, you should read it.  :)


  1. are there any association or any move for the cause of Pope Leo XIII's beatification. when it comes to citing Popes as reference the name of Pope Leo XIII always pops up.

  2. That Anglican orders are null and void due to changes in the Edwardian ordinal which removed the sacrificial intent of the priestly ministry. However Anglicans for over a hundred years have sought ordination from Old Catholic and some Eastern Orthodox bishops who have valid orders. Thus the question of validity of each and every Anglican priest or bishop have to be individually examined. But this can be done only if the said Anglican cleric goes home to Rome and wishes to continue his ministry there. The Catholic Church cannot pronounce any judgment on the orders of individual clerics in the Anglican Communion beyond what Apostolicae curae says for general case. In very rare occasions the Church may consider that there is a prudent reason to doubt what Apostolicae curae says. The former Anglican bishop of London Msgr Graham Leonard's case is an example. He was conditionally ordained as a Catholic priest because there is reason to believe his ordination as an Anglican priest and later as bishop is valid. Many in the know from the Roman and Anglican sides say the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has valid episcopal orders. But Rome will never publicly comment unless Rowan converts! But why would Rowan be allowed to preach during a Roman Catholic Mass in Lourdes? Only priests in valid orders can preach at Mass. The Ecumenical Patriarch has preached in St Peter's during a Mass which the Pope is celebrant. It is because we do know he has valid orders.

  3. TPC, NAKAKA IYAK NAMAN YAN! I am very touched by Pope Benedict's XVI's humility and self-effacement. Atsaka, His Holiness is a quiet worker. Hindi siya media-magnet but he gets things done like with regards to LCWR, Summorum Pontificum, the New Translation, etc. God bless him!