Friday, June 22, 2012

Q&A from a TPC reader

Sir TPC, what is wrong with the first picture? Is it a Liturgical abuse for the EMHC (extraordinary ministers of holy communion) 1.) to give communion to the sick (give communion and say a short prayer only)or 2.) perform the last sacrament unto the sick person (i'm assuming that what the minister is doing is the last sacrament?)?


Bogey, EMHCs may administer Communion to the sick. But they cannot perform Anointing of the Sick. Even a deacon cannot do that. He obviously has the best of intentions for the sick man. But we always do not do things with only the best of intentions. He is performing an act, laying on of hands, as if he were a priest.

I am really annoyed by this gesture of the laity. We can pray for the sick person without laying our hands on them. Laying on of hands is a liturgical act of the ordained.

This is obviously one of the bad influences of the Charismatic Movement. Every Tom, Dick and Jane can just stretch out his hands over anything, and pray.

Did Padre Pio, who is an ordained priest, extend or laid his hands, over those who ask for his prayers? He worked wonders, healed the sick, but did he do what the Charismatics did?

Do the other saints, who are miracle workers during their lifetime, healed the sick by laying their hands on them?

OK, they might be following the example of Christ in the Bible, but this act, has been reserved by the Church to the ordained and only the ordained.

Just pray. No need to stretch out your hand or lay it on someone or something.

God will hear your prayers.

And to conclude this, the EMHC in the photo, most probably used the same hand to distribute Holy Communion to lay on the head of the sick. The particles!!!

Now that is not an liturgical abuse anymore.

It is sacrilege.

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  1. Thanks TPC! This is a very good point by point explanation. I'm now sure of my answer hehehe.