Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new book to watch out for

These kinds of books are not claimed by the Church as divinely inspired but can be a source of inspiration for the ordinary Christian who wishes to deepen his faith.

Funny, that most of our nuns and priests nowadays would either scoff at the mention of such books or would not have any idea at all that such books exists.

Even funnier is how "Catholic" bookstores like St. Paul's, Libreria and Catholic Trade do not carry these kinds of books or those written by the saints or of contemporary Catholic authors like GK Chesteron.

Instead, you'd find books published by Evangelicals and Born-against Catholics occupying the shelves.

But there is Totus Bookstore!

Thank God for Henry Siy!


  1. I've seen (and possess) some titles from Catholic Trade from way before (one of my treasures is a 1920's Philippine Edition of the prayer book "Key of Heaven". It has the Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart composed especially for the Philippines and used during the International Eucharistic Congress and - get this - it even has a stamp from the censor of the Japanese occupying forces certifying that there was nothing seditious about the content of the book - obviously placed there during the war) and boy, are they such a far cry from the current ones held by these "catholic" bookstores. I once asked from Catholic Trade if they still printed out Msgr. Lavoire Morrow's "My Catholic Faith", they said that the types of Volume I and II have been lost, but I think they have altogether stopped publishing even Volume III. St. Pauls/Libreria de San Pablo used to carry TAN books, including those by Joan Caroll Cruz, now they have "self-help" books and works of prottie wannabees like Bo Sanchez and god-of-this-world knows who. Based on personal experience, if one scours through these bookstores nowadays and tries to pick up a titles that are rich in GENUINE Catholic Theology and Tradition and free from modernist garbage, consider yourself lucky if you get more than ten (half of which would probably be from Sinag-Tala)! And don't try placing your bets on the liturgical books, hehe.

  2. I bought a copy of this also at Paulines. It's a reprint of an older version. Paper back. Only P150. Where is Totus? Do they have 1962 Hand missals?

  3. I found a copy of Chesterton's Orthodoxy in Fully Booked. How sad it is that St. Paul does not sell it...