Friday, June 29, 2012

GULP Alert: Whos is the center of your church?

Uhm.....the Sun?

Hey! The Save Sierra Madre Network greets and worships FATHER SUN!

And look!

The Bible is equal to the Eucharist, where Christ is present Body, Blood Soul and Divintity.


The Book equal to Christ Himself?

Have you see this kind of an arrangement in your church?

Yeah, the tabernacle at the side altar, almost saying that the Lord is equal to a statue.

Would you agree with that?

And yeah, that is a Catholic Church in Poland, where John Paul II was born and raised and became bishop, archbishop and cardinal.

PS:  This church does not even have a tabernacle. And yes, it is a cAtholic church.

No that was not a typo.

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  1. owww... i think i heard that the Gospel is equal with the Holy Eucharist from some priests..