Monday, June 4, 2012

GULP Alert: What the?!

No, he is no wine connoisseur nor is he just testing his wine.

He is consecrating wine.....on a

He is violating a lot of liturgical laws here. From Redemptionis Sacramentum:

3. Sacred Vessels

[117.] Sacred vessels for containing the Body and Blood of the Lord must be made in strict conformity with the norms of tradition and of the liturgical books.[205]The Bishops’ Conferences have the faculty to decide whether it is appropriate, once their decisions have been given the recognitio by the Apostolic See, for sacred vessels to be made of other solid materials as well. It is strictly required, however, that such materials be truly noble in the common estimation within a given region,[206]so that honour will be given to the Lord by their use, and all risk of diminishing the doctrine of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharistic species in the eyes of the faithful will be avoided. Reprobated, therefore, is any practice of using for the celebration of Mass common vessels, or others lacking in quality, or devoid of all artistic merit or which are mere containers, as also other vessels made from glass, earthenware, clay, or other materials that break easily. This norm is to be applied even as regards metals and other materials that easily rust or deteriorate.[207]

PS: Who is this priest?


  1. he forgot to remove the stole so it looks like he is consecrating the wine..

  2. That's nothing, wait 'till you find footage of an activist priest whose name eludes me at the moment(not the running one), consecrating the wine into the Most Precious Blood - IN A COCONUT SHELL! It happened in a Mass during a protest outside of Camp Crame, I think more around a decade ago. I was a rabid anti-Catholic at that time, and the mere fact that that image is stuck in my mind to this day, and knowing even back then that it violated so many laws, doctrines and traditions of the Church just shows how bad an impression it made upon me. Tsk, tsk.

  3. Seriously, I think the APOLOGIST should suspect Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP. as a dreaded, and a secret SSPX. Pangalan pa lang kadudaduda na. HAHAHA! My proof?Swswswswswswsws. :P

  4. oh my goosebumps! i think this is fr. greg vega of minalin, pampanga! and i thought he was on the conservative side!